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  • Comes up with a lot of  new &unique idea
  • Challenge status quote dose not settle for the first right idea
  • Makes new connection work by seeing relationships between seemingly disconnected elements , synchronize odd combinations 

Ethical Behaviors

  • Fully supports and implements decisions  
  • Is 100% committed to achieve agreed-upon targets (strive to achieve the "slightly impossible" )
  • pursues targets with a need to finish . Does not give up.


  • Assigns highest priority to customers satisfaction
  • Listen to customers & create solution for unmet customer need
  • Establishes effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect


  • Establishes clear directions and sets stretch objects 
  • Align and energize associate behind common objects
  • Champions the value & behaviors
  • reward & encourages the right behaviors and corrects others

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InspirePharma is a national Egyptian pharmaceutical company

Inspire is a national Egyptian pharmaceutical company established in 2005, founded by a determined group of partners to be a unique business model in the healthcare industry in Egypt. Inspire was successful in acquiring distinguished talents at several levels to drive and deliver organizational objectives. Our management team is not emphasizing the financial objectives only, but rather, it’s equally determined to establish a unique business culture and inspiring code of conduct through preset set of values. More about InspirePharma is coming very soon with our full version website.

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